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5 Simple cooking recipes for Newbies

by Allo Innoware on November 26, 2020  in popular


Cooking is something we have all tried or want to try at some point in our life. It is a self-reliant habit and will definitely form a great hobby. Cooking can not only help you out in some tough situations but it can also be incredibly therapeutic. Plus, the joy of enjoying something delicious that you made yourself, experimenting, and improving on it is an amazing feeling. But we can all agree that for all the newbies out there who can’t even boil water without burning it, it can be pretty scary and intimidating. It is perfectly normal.

Every one of us has been scared of the kitchen at some point or the other. But the trick is to keep practicing, take baby steps, and get over it so that you can finally meet your inner chef! So today we are going to teach you how to take those baby steps. A few easy and fun recipes that you can try out on your first time in the kitchen:


veg Noodles for dinner and lunch, Atta noodles recipe for newbies

1.      Noodles

Let’s admit it. Maggi was the first thing we all learned to cook. It is the simplest dish out there known to mankind. It is easy and quick to cook and delicious to eat. Not to mention the pride you feel when you eat your first bowl of Maggi made just by you. For many of us, Maggi is more than just food, it is an emotion. It has got us through some tough times and a lot of us have bonded over it. So if you are a kitchen virgin this is the first thing you can try to cook. You will find the instructions right there on the back of the packet. This three-step dish will be incredibly easy and tasty for you to make. And if you are planning to pack it for your lunch and impress your friends then you can use a glass lunch box or a glass tiffin box. It will make sure your noodles stay fresh and hot for hours.


Paneer kebab recipe for veg starters, paneer kabab

2.      Paneer kebab

It may sound fancy to you but paneer kebab is actually very easy to make and it will take you barely about 10 minutes to make(not counting the marinating time of course). It is a classy dish and will serve as a very good snack too. So if you are planning to have some friends over and dazzle them with your cooking you can try this. Paneer is a common favorite of most people so your guests will love it. But if you have doubts and want to have options to be sure then you can try adding other vegetables too. You can even store it in glass containers with lids and put them in your fridge. By using microwavable glass containers you can even later reheat them and eat them too.


Soup for starters, sweet corn soup

3.      Soup

Soup is always considered a pretty basic and boring dish but it can come in handy. It is easy to make, will fulfill your appetite, is very healthy and of course, the best sick meal. There are so many varieties available too and you can always experiment. You can make yourself something simple or even add ingredients and make it fancy for occasions. You should definitely try and learn how to make soup. You never when you might need it. Keep your soup in an airtight glass lunch box and you can take it anywhere with you without the trouble of leakage. With a glass lunch box with bag it will even stay hot for hours.


Best sandwich recipes, Sandwich recipes for dinner & lunch

4.      Sandwiches

Sandwiches are probably the easiest dishes to cook. They are an easy tasty and quick fix to hunger. This will be very helpful to you later in life. So everyone should have the basic knowledge of making a good sandwich for themselves. You can get a lot of variety and fun here as well. You can store them in glass food storage jars & containers and you can even take them with you and be assured that they will remain fresh even after hours. Put them in glass containers for kitchen storage and you can later heat them in the microwave too.


Badam milk for desert, sweet milk images from allo innoware

5.      Badam Milk

Desserts and beverages have become an important part of meals these days and this dish combines them both. This drink will come in very useful. You can refresh yourself after a long day, serve it to your guests or simply enjoy it after a meal. It is a very tasty drink and very easy to make. You can learn how to make it in a few simple steps.


Allo provides you with kitchenware made from the Goodness of Glass. The Allo Foodsafe range has glass kitchenware that will be the perfect assistance for newbies who want to cook. They are convenient to use and will save you all the hassle so you can actually have fun while learning to cook. 

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