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Elaichi - A Misunderstood Friend

by vikrant kaul on November 24, 2022  in foodhealth


Even after repeatedly being picked and thrown out of multiple cuisines, elaichi or cardamom is still one of the most important Indian spices. It's like that one shy friend that keeps going out of their way to help you in all possible ways. One little pod of cardamom has such endless benefits, which proves why it has held its position in the Indian spice group for centuries. Here are a few reasons why you can use it and thank us later!


  1. Anti-acne

Quite a number of people are unaware that one of the major benefits of elaichi is its antibacterial properties. Elaichi fights all forms of skin acne and breakouts if the skin is massaged regularly with its oil. It stimulates blood flow and fights all forms of pigments, blackheads, and pimples. But no, we will not ask you to rub it on your face, that would be weird. Try out cardamom oil or simply add grinded/powdered elaichi to honey, use it as a scrub and see the magic!



  1. Digestion

Elaichi is high in fiber and is purgative, which means it induces the expulsion of excess gas from the stomach. It also soothes different layers of muscles, which in turn helps digestion. As a result of all these activities, it provides relief from acidity and digestive issues. Simply crush a couple of elaichi pods in boiling water and drink for quick results.



  1. Breathing

Often when a person suffers from a cold and cough, they are offered elaichi pods to chew. Ever guessed why? This is because elaichi enables blood circulation. This makes breathing easier for the person resulting in relief from cold, cough, and even asthma. Elaichi heats the body internally which also provides relief to a person in such a condition. This in turn also cures bad breath which is primarily caused by digestive issues or bacterial reasons. All you have to do is treat it as nature's chewing gum and you’re golden!


heart rate

  1. Heart rate

As a result of better circulation, of course, the heart rate of a person also remains stable. Other than this, elaichi is high in mineral content like calcium, potassium, and magnesium. While most of these minerals don't make any sense to us, this small pod of elaichi or cardamom does wonder and disappear. These minerals keep the Blood Pressure in check and regulate heart rate. Regular elaichi tea can be a good buddy in this case.



  1. Detoxing

Another mineral that is stored here in abundance is manganese. This mineral produces an enzyme that hunts free radicals and kills them. Its other detoxifying properties play a good role in cleansing the body against damaging diseases such as cancer.


Now that is a lot a small elaichi is offering us isn't it? So let's give this friend a little more respect than we normally do when we spot it in our food and make a face that no one enjoys looking at! 

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