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Modern appliances which changed the kitchen completely - Allo Innoware

by Allo Innoware on February 01, 2021

We have come a long way from where we started. The modern kitchen, when compared with the ancient kitchen, is revolutionized in every possible way. And while we may harbor our love for simpler times and antique devices, we cannot deny that modern appliances help us more than we can imagine throughout our time in the kitchen every day. So let us take a look at a few modern appliances that have completely revolutionized the kitchen.


Coffee maker for morning coffee, coffee maker machine,


Coffee has become such an important part of our life that it is almost impossible to even get by a day without it. There are so many debates on whether and how much coffee is good for us to consume on a daily basis, but the borderline is that we love coffee! And that is why the coffee maker is one of the most amazing inventions in the kitchen industry ever. The first-ever coffee maker dates back to the 1860s. Since then, coffee makers have evolved a lot. The machines that we use today, which have a drip and filtering system, were invented in the 1970s. It definitely made coffee making so much easier. It is now a convenience that we just cannot afford to lose.

Dishwasher for plate washing, open dishwasher image


Dishwashers were first introduced in the 1890s. Back then, a dishwasher was just a simple hand-powered machine. But its popularity grew so much that around the 1920s, home construction began to include a place for the dishwasher too. Dishwashers are a big help in the kitchen and one of the must-have devices in a modern kitchen. It takes a lot of work away from your hands and really makes things simpler.

Emersion blending for blending, blending equipment


Anyone who spends a good amount of their time in the kitchen can agree that blenders are a great invention in the kitchen. Before the invention of blenders, people used to break things by hand and crush them into tiny pieces, usually with a mortar and pestle. But in 1922, the first blender was introduced, and it has revolutionized the kitchen to a great extent. It saves you all this time and effort, and you can make ourselves a smoothie anytime you want! And now they have just taken it up a notch and brought out the immersion blender. It is more convenient and easier to use, occupies less space, and is just amazing.

Refrigerator, open fridge, white fridge open


Even centuries before the modern commercial refrigerator came into existence; people have always played around with the idea of keeping food cold to preserve it for later. The iceboxes of earlier times worked just fine but eventually, electric refrigerators were used in homes. But the problem with these refrigerators of the previous stages was that they used a variety of toxic gases for cooling. But around the 1940s, refrigerators began using freons, and the kitchen has been so much better since then. We can’t even imagine a life without it, and if something happens to the refrigerator even for a day, it wreaks havoc in the entire house. So we can safely say that it is one of the most important appliances in the modern kitchen. And now, with the smart refrigerator, it is just like owning an assistant in the kitchen. You can find a recipe on the internet, create a grocery list that syncs with your smartphone, get notified about upcoming expiration dates, store all your calendar and planner details on a smart screen.

Microwave for baking, black microwave for kitchen


The microwave is one of the most needed appliances in a modern kitchen. You can heat up your food without hassle and effortlessly. It is very efficient in everyday cooking and has become a common part of the kitchen, so much that we see other appliances and kitchenware designed and modified according to it. You can now find microwavable glass containers that can be used in the microwave, oven, and freezer.

If you have a modern kitchen with all of these appliances, then it is time to upgrade your kitchenware too for the sake of convenience as well as health. Use glass containers for kitchen storage and glass lunchboxes instead of plastic ones. An airtight glass lunch box will be very useful in packing your lunch for work every day. You can use a glass lunch box with bag, and your food will stay hot and fresh for long hours.

silicon spatula, measuring equipments


An oil silicone brush is a brush that has been devised to apply oil onto pans evenly. It is often a mess to spread the oil on pans while cooking and the uneven spread can affect the cooking. So this oil silicone brush effectively solves that problem. It is perfectly safe to use on a hot pan. It can also be used while baking.

Allo provides you the best glass kitchenware. The Allo Foodsafe series has glass lunch boxes and storage containers that are made with the Goodness of Glass and are compatible with all your modern kitchen appliances. 

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