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Top 5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Be Using Plastic Tiffin boxes

by Allo Innoware on October 13, 2020

When we think of a tiffin box, most of us see the same image in our mind – a bright shiny plastic box with your lunch in it. That is the lunch box most of us had our entire childhood and probably still do. It has become a norm of the day and nobody wonders about it anymore. They have become one of the most commonly used things in our kitchen. Whatever the situation may be, to simply pack lunch or to store your leftovers, plastic lunch boxes seem like the answer. But the fact remains that those plastic tiffin boxes are extremely harmful to us, and it is high time we stop using them. Here are five reasons why you should stop using those plastic tiffin boxes right away. Toxic chemicals that inherted in food when carried in plastic lunch box or tiffin box and containers

They are toxic

All of us know this fact to some extent but simply choose to ignore it. But the truth remains that plastic is dangerous. Your plastic lunch boxes release toxic chemicals like BPA, PVS, and phthalates into the food stored in them. Those chemicals when ingested cause us to have serious health issues like cancer, blood pressure, hormonal issues, or even a heart attack. Safe plastic lunch boxes are a myth. No plastic no matter how safe it claims to be is harmful to your health and releases these chemicals.

Non eco friendly material, non eco friendly sign, glass lunch boxes for eco friendly use

Not eco-friendly

This is also something that we have always known. Plastic is non-biodegradable and very bad for the environment. We all hear about saying no to plastic and recycling. It is high time we start implementing that. It can be with a very small and simple step by getting rid of our plastic lunch boxes. We can switch to better options and do our little part in saving the environment. 

obesity healthrate, heartbit, obesity = disease

They cause obesity

There is so much plastic around us that it is now literally in everything around us. Almost all the food we eat has some amount of plastic in it. It enters our bodies every day. And many studies say that it can lead to major health problems like obesity. This has a lot of side effects and invites even more health problems which start a slowly intensifying chain reaction until your health starts to spiral down completely. 

Unfresh fruits, fruit rotten, fresh fruit semi fresh fruit, rotten fruit, natural process

Do not keep your lunch fresh

How many times have you opened your plastic lunch box at lunchtime and found something fresh and hot and tasty to eat it? Never. Because that is what your plastic lunch box does to your food. It releases chemical compounds into it, which takes the deliciousness out of it as well as its freshness. Consequently, it also takes all the fun out of a lunchtime. 

Switch to glass, goodness of glass, glass container, glass lunch box

A better option is available

Plastic may highly toxic and not serve any good purpose but it was all there was if you needed a stylish and cool lunch box. So it was all you could use. But now there is a new option available - a glass lunchbox. A glass tiffin box keeps your food safe and free from chemicals. It does not react with your food or let any outside component react with it. As a result, your food is fresh and hot until lunchtime when you use an airtight glass lunch box. There are also microwavable glass containers available where you can reheat your leftovers in the microwave without much hassle. You can bake your favorite food in the oven and even store your food in the freezer. By using glass containers with lids and glass containers for kitchen storage instead of the usual food storage jars & containers you will make a considerable improvement in your lifestyle and health. With a glass lunch box with bag you can take your lunch with you even while traveling and be sure that it will be safe.

Allo brings to your glass kitchenware designed with over 20 years of experience. The Allo Foodsafe range has lunch boxes and storage containers made from the Goodness of Glass that will make your health and kitchen so much better. It is the perfect time and reason to ditch those plastic lunch boxes and kitchenware for good.

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