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Tricks that will bring magic to your kitchen!

by vikrant kaul on December 08, 2022  in foodhealthideastricks

Ever added extra salt while cooking and wished for it to magically be fixed? Life would have been simpler if just “Abracadabra” would sparkle flavors in your meal. But reality remains that it is not as helpful as we thought it could be even after several hours of watching Harry Potter! Magic in your kitchen is the choice that makes your food go from ‘ow’ to ‘wow’.

Don't worry though, leave the burden on us because we are going to introduce you to a few tricks that will bring magic to your kitchen!


1. Lion like Lemon 

Lemon squeeze

The simplest yet most efficient trick up your sleeves must be lemons! Lemons are like the lions in the jungle of flavors, well they rule. The pool of flavors that lemons add to any food item, cuts the lack or excess of other ingredients in it. The magic of lemons is actually a distraction in disguise. This helps you save your meal at the last moment minutes before serving! 


2. Powerpuff Potato

potato chopped

From being the best buddy of all vegetables, to the enemy of excess salt, potatoes have got your back! The power of potatoes is extremely underappreciated when it comes to food. Even though it is the most basic ingredient, it is the go to one to blend with all vegetables in your kitchen expedition. Above all it absorbs excess salt from meals like a magnet. Just cut a few potatoes in half and add to your food while it's cooking, stir for a while and remove the potato and all that excess salt will be Ctrl+A+Delete! 


3. Cozy Cutlery


One of the smartest tricks to keep your food warm before serving is keeping your utensils and cutlery warm. Often it appears that we prepare food but don't immediately serve it. If the storage utensil or cutlery is warmed up before pouring the food in it, the food retains the heat and remains steamy for a good enough duration. The warmth of the cutlery is the kind of warmth you expect in the form of compliments for the incredible move!


4. Additional Appetite


With unexpected guests, ‘shagun ka lifafa’ is a blessing but ‘khaana kamm par jaayega’ is a curse! To handle this forever dilemma like a pro, these 3 tricks will magically make you the star of the night! Always keep ready to make snacks in your cabinet that only need to be fried. These take no preparation time, are affordable, burst in taste and make some special kind of guests slightly upset because it leaves no room for complaint! 

Next, soft drinks, refreshments or beverages of any kind fill up your guests and occupy some space leaving less for the main course. 

Lastly, adding boiled vegetables like potatoes, onions, capsicum and carrots to your already prepared meal helps you increase the quantity to some extent and gives them a rich touch! 

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