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by Allo Innoware on September 17, 2020

By now we all must have heard of the presence of plastic in our food and how it is so bad for our health as well as our environment. But in reality how many of us actually take it seriously and make some effort to change it. The answer might even surprise you. 


The facts state that humans have produced over 8 billion tons of plastic since the 1950s and less than 10 percent of that quantity has been recycled. And since that time, this plastic has broken down into tiny microparticles and has contaminated the water bodies, our environment, and even our food. This plastic is all around us, literally as well as figuratively. 


Did you know that you breathe in tens of thousands of these plastic microfibres every year? And that is not just all. The scariest part is that you ingest these particles on a daily basis. You may find it hard to believe but it does happen. A recent study conducted in Australia found that on average, people consume about 5  grams of plastic every week. This amount is roughly equivalent to that of a credit card. 


But where does this plastic come from? This might surprise you but the majority of this plastic you eat every day comes from your lunchbox itself. We wrap our food and place it inside our lunchboxes to protect it from outside contamination. But in reality, the lunchbox and wrappings itself contaminate it. Even when we buy food from outside, it is always wrapped in plastic. 


This plastic reacts with your food and leaks chemicals like phthalates and bisphenol A into the food. These chemicals are extremely harmful to the body. They can interfere with the hormones and result in a number of health issues, most of which are chronic and very hard to cure. Another chemical called styrene is also sometimes found in food. This chemical is released into the food mainly from the plastic wrappings. It can cause nervous system problems, hearing loss, and even cancer. 


This is inevitable. No matter how much you take care of your plastic lunch box or storage container, it is going to release chemicals and microplastics into your food and make it unhealthy and unsafe for you. The most popular tips given by experts to avoid this situation is to avoid the use of plastics as much as possible. 


Many of us will find it hard to follow and understandably so because plastic has become such an important and practical part of our life. It is all around us and is one of the most convenient and commonly used materials in day to day life. But what if we tell you there was a way through which you can replace your plastic kitchenware without any inconvenience and move to a healthier and safer option? 


It is possible now. You can get rid of plastic and move on to a healthier option. The glass containers for kitchen storage and glass containers with lids are the perfect option for you. Glass has been a trusted leading material of the food packing and storage industry for a very long time. It is known to be inert and non-reactive with food and thus the perfect option to keep your food safe and healthy. 


If you store your food in a glass tiffin box then you will find your food fresh like you just cooked it even after hours. An airtight glass lunch box will preserve the flavor and freshness of your food, unlike plastics which react with it and contaminate it with harmful chemicals. You can now even get food storage jars & containers that are microwavable glass containers.

Allo uses over 20 years of experience in manufacturing kitchenware to bring you the best glass kitchenware to make your kitchen safer and your lifestyle healthier. Allo Foodsafe is India’s first glass lunch box with break free locks. It is made of 100 percent borosilicate glass and is as perfect as a lunchbox can be. It is a range of stain-free, odor-free, scratch-resistant, easy to wash lunch boxes. Allo uses the Goodness of Glass to bring you better health. You can browse the products and see for yourself the exceptional quality and features and find your perfect glass kitchenware at

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