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  • Traditional Indian cooking utensils that should be back in trend

Traditional Indian cooking utensils that should be back in trend

by Allo Innoware on February 25, 2021  in popular

With the beginning of the new decade, there have been a lot of developments in the kitchen and cooking field. Every day and every effort strives to make it easier for us to cook and enjoy our time in the kitchen. With this technological advancement, there also comes the realization that there are a few things, especially in the kitchen and cooking field, that our ancestors had figured out. Their methods and equipment were efficient and effective, perhaps sometimes a little more than ours are. That is partly the reason why retro and vintage are so adored by people. Antiques are priceless, and many old tricks and things are implemented in the kitchen today. So let’s take a look at the traditional Indian cooking utensils that should be back in trend.

Mortar and pestle for day to day use, stone mortar pestle

1. Mortar and Pestle


All of us have that one memory of watching our grandmothers cook our favorite dishes using the spices crushed by a stone sil batta or a mortar and pestle. Those truly were the happy days of life. The food was just something else, which no matter how much we try today, we can barely recreate it. They did not do anything special. It’s just their simplicity that enhanced the cooking. The use of mortar and pestle in crushing the spices releases their flavor so much better than your machine blender grinding them to a fine paste. A mortar and pestle will provide that antique and classic look to your kitchen as well as enhance your cooking and its flavors so much. This is one traditional cookware that just needs to come back in trend!

Brass and iron pots and pans for day to day use

2. Brass and iron utensils


There are many branded and designer utensils and cookware available today that claim to use “so-and-so technology” to make your cooking better. But the truth is the traditional handmade cookware and utensils made of pure iron and brass bring a divine taste into your cooking. There have been many instances where people have tried this and accounted for better results. You can do this too. There are some retailers available who provide traditional handmade utensils. You can take your pick from that.

Glass storage jars with lids for food storage and stacking

3. Glass containers and jars


To store pickles and jams, glass was the top contender in ancient times. And when it comes to storing food, the properties of glass go way beyond that. Glass utensils and glass containers for food storage with lids are now back in the trend and helping a lot of kitchens keep their food safe from chemicals. They are microwavable glass containers, so you reheat your leftovers in them as well as bake your favorite dishes in them So get yourself some glass containers with lids today itself.

Ceramic serving jars food storage and serving

4. Ceramic jars


Ceramics were very common in ancient times. They were the safest and most widely available kitchenware. We claim to have progressed so much and have added so many new items into our kitchenware inventory that this beautiful piece is utterly absent in most kitchens now. It really needs to come back because it is safe, pretty, convenient, and multipurpose. Yes, it is very heavy, which is considered an inconvenience by most people, but this heaviness is just the reason our ancestors never visited the gym and yet managed to live way healthier lives than we do today.

Copper pots for food storage

5. Copper pots

Copper pots have always been a major part of traditional cooking. They do not have any harmful effects on the food cooked in them, and they are easy to maintain and add a nice feel to the kitchen. You can definitely add some copper pots and utensils to your kitchen.

Allo presents to you the Allo Foodsafe series, which has the best glass kitchenware. It aims to make your meals safe as well as give your kitchen a classy feel and bring back the Goodness of Glass.

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