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Why is plastic not safe for food storage?

by Allo Innoware on September 04, 2020  in popular

Plastic has become such a common part of our life that we barely notice its presence anymore. It’s everywhere around us. Every one of us has owned or still owns a lunch box that is made out of plastic. 

We hear about plastic being so bad for us as well as the planet and how it should be used as less as possible. We believe in it and even try to do our part by avoiding plastic and choosing more eco-friendly options. 

But one thing that we never even realize or stop to consider the fact that it is the same plastic that we store our food every day and then hours later eat that food without a second thought. It has been our daily routine since forever, and we follow it mindlessly. Every time we have a little leftover food, our first instinct is to put it in a plastic box with the lid on and shove it inside the fridge for hours altogether until we decide to heat it and eat it the next day. But the thing is that the plastic in our lunch boxes much like any other plastic can be very harmful to us. 

The plastic food storage jars and containers affect our food in extreme yet unperceivable ways. But first things first. Why is plastic considered harmful? We all have heard it since early school years that plastic is non-biodegradable and thus very bad for the environment. 

As far as our health is concerned, it goes much deeper than that. 

There are different qualities available in the case of plastic. And based on this quality level you can determine their safety. But the fact of the matter is that plastic releases chemicals such as BPA (bisphenol A) and PVC (polyvinyl chloride). When you store your food in plastic containers naturally these chemicals are released into your food. When you later eat that food, these chemicals enter your body and cause serious damage to it including altering your hormone levels dangerously. 

These things happen with your body on a daily basis. Every day that you eat your food out of a plastic lunch box or a plastic storage container, your body is exposed to these chemicals and their harmful effects. But it happens at such a slow rate and in such a subtle manner that we are unable to notice any major difference and thus remain blissfully ignorant. 

Today there are many plastic containers available who claim to be microwave safe. They are cheap and get your work done so obviously we choose them. But the truth is that no matter how safe a plastic container claims to be it is going to pose a threat to your health. Your food and your health can never be completely safe as long as you are using a plastic container.

We have such a busy life and hectic schedule that we do not have time to consider these things. As long as a health issue does not cripple us, we are okay with it. The only time we stop to make a change is when we receive a huge medical bill. But what if there was a way to avoid these harmful consequences altogether? What if we told you that by making one small change in your kitchen you can get a healthier life and never have to worry about these issues?

Allo brings this solution to you. Allo produces healthy kitchenware for India using the Goodness of glass. Allo’s first product, Allo Foodsafe introduces India’s first-ever glass lunchbox. This lunchbox is made of 100% borosilicate glass and is your key to unlocking healthier chemical-free food and life. 

We all know that glass containers with lids have always been a very popular choice for safe storage of perishable food items. But the fragility of the material has always stopped us from using a glass tiffin box

Now Allo brings you a range of glass containers for kitchen storage as well as an airtight glass lunch box. This will be the perfect addition to your kitchen. Allo’s products are odor-free, stain-free, scratch-resistant, and microwavable glass containers. With Allo Foodsafe you get a glass lunch box with bag that will act as the perfect lunch box for you, keeping your food free from chemicals and your body free from any harmful effects of plastic. 

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