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What baking equipment is best for your kitchen?

by Allo Innoware on January 09, 2021

Who doesn’t love baking? Whether you are an expert baker or an aspiring newbie, you must have experienced this beautiful and aesthetic attraction to baking at one point in time or another. All of us have wanted to learn how to bake and tried to do so some time or other. If we succeeded or failed and what resulted from that baking fiasco is another matter altogether. But the fact remains that baking is a beloved hobby and can come in handy more often than you think. Imagine being able to bake beautiful cakes, bread, and other dishes. Experimenting with your own cooking style and slowly developing it to get better and better is one of the best things in life.

But baking is not as easy as making instant noodles; we can all probably agree on that too. The main reason for that is you need special equipment for baking. It is called bakeware, and it is some necessary must-haves if you wish to be a pro baker and create delicious goodies. So let’s take a look at the top quality baking equipment most necessary for your kitchen.

Microwave oven for faster cooking, oven & bakware containers

1. Oven

This is probably a bit too obvious but true nonetheless. If you want to bake on a regular basis, then you need to have an oven. There are many processes where you can bake without using an oven, but the tried and tested one, which will work in every scenario, is an oven. It is a must-have for you to bake well.  You can get a traditional one or a modern oven with the latest cool features and options, whatever works for you. But if you are new to this, then consider one that is easy to use, of good quality, reasonable price, and fun to use.

 Measuring cups and spoons images, wooden spoons for serving

2. Measuring Cups and Spoons

This is another essential. You need measuring cups and spoons to determine the correct amount of all ingredients. This knowledge and skill is essential and will go a long way. As you learn to bake better and try on bigger things like baking for a more number of people or in impromptu party scenarios, this skill will be very helpful, as will be your measuring cups and spoons. They will help you figure out how to bake the perfect amount without making too much or too little. And they will be helpful in your everyday cooking as well, rather than just for the occasional baking.

 Stand mixer for baking cakes

3. Stand Mixer

After measuring out the perfect amount of ingredients, you will need to mix them properly to get the best results. Mixing is a very important part of baking, and cooking too; much more than it is given credit for. A smooth and well-mixed dough and batter ensures that your baking dish is uniform and tasty with proper texture. So to ensure that you must get a stand mixer. You can also opt for a traditional mixing bowl and whisk, but that will require more effort on your part. A stand mixture will do an efficient job without too much hard work on your part. Plus, it can be easily used in other aspects of cooking too.

 muffin tean to make muffin & cakes

4. Muffin Tin

This is great for baking muffins and cupcakes, but at the same time, you can use your creativity and create a lot of other fun and delicious dishes from this bakeware too! You can use it to make ice cream, popsicles, mini pizzas, and many other bite-sized dishes.


5. Bakeware

Well, traditionally, you need a lot of containers, pans, and dishes, depending on what you like to bake. But now there are available glass containers for kitchen storage and glass food storage jars & containers. These are microwave, oven, and freezer safe, so they can be used as your baking dishes very efficiently. It will be most convenient in your baking adventures because it will cost you a lot less, and you will not have to take care of so many dishes. You can just bake and store your baked goods in the same glass container with lids (although you should take the lid off while putting it in your microwave or oven). These microwavable glass containers will do the job of a baking dish, cake pan, cookie sheet, loaf pan, and even a casserole dish for you. The glass kitchenware will be a safe and healthy addition to your kitchen. They will look trendy and cool and will be useful as well. You can switch to the glass lunchbox and glass tiffin box as well. Packing your lunch in an airtight glass lunch box will keep it fresh while a glass lunch box with bag will keep it hot till your lunchtime.


Allo Foodsafe series by Allo is made from the Goodness of Glass and has all the perfect glass bakeware and storage containers and lunch boxes that you might need in your kitchen.

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