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Healthy Activities To Do During The Lockdown by ALLO

by Allo Innoware on April 22, 2020

Sitting in somewhat forced isolation is difficult even for introverts, and it is only during quarantine that the world is beginning to realize this. People are fighting two battles - Coronavirus and boredom! While working from home, many are concerned that they may come out of the Lockdown looking like the inflated humans of Wall-E, while others are sinking deeper into gloom and despair with each passing day. Not anymore! We have brought you some easy-peasy methods to strengthen both your physical and mental health in these tough times. Just follow these tips to convert the isolation period into that phase of self-care and learning that your mind and body had been craving for long!


1. Stick To The Right Sleep Cycle

Maintaining a healthy sleep cycle is just as essential for our bodies as getting the right amount of sleep. However, many people have ended up changing their sleep cycles drastically, and they’re blaming either the Lockdown or their WFH schedule for it! In various households, Netflix and social networking keep youngsters awake in the wee hours of the night, who then end up sleeping through the morning (even afternoon).

According to sleep researchers, such patterns can negatively impact psychological health, disrupt emotional well-being, and cause chronic diseases like diabetes and obesity. So, do yourself a favor - put down the phone and get back to your “Early to bed, early to rise” sleep schedule.


2. Start The Day With Some Citrus Goodness!

Don’t worry, you’ll survive without checking your notifications first thing in the morning. Get to the kitchen, take a clean glass, fill it with lukewarm water, squeeze a few drops of lemon in it, and start sipping! Trust us, your tummy will start loving you back if you stick to this regime every day even after coming out of isolation!


3. Eat A Good Breakfast

Whether you’re in a hurry to get to work in another corner of the city or just freshening up to work from home from another corner of the house, you should start your day with a filling breakfast. And while you’re at it, add nutritious and immune-boosting ingredients like yogurt, oatmeal, chia seeds, berries, nuts, and green tea to your regular breakfast menu. Maintaining good breakfast habits (like not skipping one entirely!) will go a long way in helping you have a healthy body, mind, and mood.


4. Work On Your Body

From “too much work” to “no time”, you had been giving yourself endless excuses for not sticking to a workout regime. What’s your excuse now? You can’t keep putting it off on the next Monday anymore. If you had been thinking of getting fitter, now is the right time. You can watch a video to learn a few effective Yoga postures, sign up for an online fitness class, follow a basic aerobic routine that you had learned in school, or play your favorite tunes and dance! A daily 30-minute workout will not just get you in shape, but also help reduce stress and improve focus.


5. Pampering Your Skin Is Just As Important!

Your skin is constantly away from the harsh sun rays and urban pollution during this period. But while that is true, it won’t hurt to give it just a little more attention. After all, you won’t get a better time than this to work on yourself! Ask your mom, dad, or partner to give you a hair massage (don’t forget to return the favour!), moisturize your skin time and again (we know what those hand sanitizers and soaps must be doing to you!), and make natural face packs using ingredients available at home like lemon, yogurt, and turmeric. Come out of the Lockdown with glowing skin and silky hair rather than looking like a zombie.


6. Dig Into A Good Book

Watching the news all day long or sitting before the laptop for hours on end will do more bad than good. Once you’ve had your fill of the updates via major news channels, turn off the television and move on to traditional sources of knowledge that will actually enrich your mind - reading! Just pick a book of any genre you like and start reading. In fact, assemble a pile of books bigger than the number of episodes in your favorite Netflix series! You never know, you may end up finding that the companion you needed to get you through these tough times lay hidden in those bookshelves all this while!


7. Learn To Cook Up New Recipes

You finally have the time to try and make all those recipes you had been bookmarking on YouTube. Who knows, you may come out of Quarantine as the next Master Chef (well, almost)! But don’t have to do it all by yourself, especially since most of you’re working from home. Divide the tasks and let your kids and partner to take up charge of the kitchen. Just find the easiest recipes to begin with and get them working! From Dalgona coffee to Mac and Cheese, there’s so much you and your family can cook up together.

Cooking is anyway a great way for your family to spend time together and learn to take care of themselves. And just imagine how proud you’re going to be when your son and/or daughter serves you perfectly round rotis (Nirupa Roy background music in 3..2..1..)!


8. Say Goodbye To Bad Habits

This period of isolation and limited access to the market is nothing short of a blessing for those who have been trying to quit a bad habit like smoking and caffeine. According to experts, life-altering experiences like prolonged quarantine phases can actually help people replace bad habits with good ones. The lack of access to such harmful commodities like smoking, tobacco, and coffee is exactly the kind of push you or your family members need to get away from such habits.


9. Avoid Sitting On Soft Furniture For Long

You’re taking a break from the day’s chores and you land on a plush sofa. You’re watching television and you make yourself comfortable on the cozy bed. You’re tucked in your soft blankets and typing away on your laptop. Sounds familiar? Slouching may not do you any harm if you’re just doing it on the weekends, but it will start to damage your body posture and cause back pain in the long run if you do it in an extended period such as quarantine.

Spread a bedsheet in the verandah to sit and look at the world outside while you’re working or taking a break. Or you can choose to sit on a chair instead of the bed when you’re watching the television. Small acts like these can go a long way in helping you ease the strain on your body, especially if you often complain of neck and back pain.


10. Breathe In. Breathe Out.

They say an “empty mind is the devil's workshop”. And if you add to it the fear of the virus and that toxic news content, one can only imagine how depressed a soul can get. No matter how many chores you have or how much office work you’ve yet to complete, it’s essential to keep an hour aside for some me-time in the day wherein you can shut everything out and just focus on yourself.

Sit near a window or in the verandah (if you have a garden, that would be the best!) and practice deep breathing for at least 30 minutes. All you have to do is breathe in, hold, and breathe out on repeat mode. In the remaining half an hour you can engage in small productive tasks like gardening (or potting plants if you’re indoors), solving puzzles, painting and sketching, sewing, decorating your house, or reading.

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Don’t worry people. We’ll get through this together! Stay strong, stay home, and stay safe :)

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